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Quality at the Core

Our crafts are made under fair conditions of wages, working facilities and sustained jobs and this keeps our enthusiasm for developing new products every day, products that offer high standards of quality and functionality.

We want our customers to learn about who makes each product, how do they live and how their jobs bring them a better quality of life. We love working with artisans and we love seeing them transformed into entrepreneurs.

Quality means for us a permanent commitment with standards of beauty, function, timing and promises made to our clients. It also means values assumed with our producers to support their workshops and help them to grow. A beautiful product may come out from a beautiful workshop.


From all the variety of crafts Peru has to offer, we have specialized in the ones you will find here, home Decor, Garments & Jewelry.

Responsibly Handmade

Allpa was created by a group of Young professionals in 1986, as a way to show respect and admiration to the crafts that came from our Peruvian artisans. With time we became entrepreneurs and learnt how to build a private company by keeping a strong sense of responsibility for the men and women who worked with us.

Admiration is still there, together with more knowledge about the market. This allows us to use new opportunities every day to bring jobs and incomes for our artisans through the making of handmade objects with soul.

Allpa Tejedor