Alpaca Fiesta 2024: Celebrating Alpaca Excellence

This year, from October 21 to 26, the city of Arequipa, Peru, will become the center of the alpaca world with the eighth edition of Alpaca Fiesta. This event is considered the most important in the world in the field of alpaca, and its main objective is to disseminate and promote alpaca fiber in the global textile market, bringing together breeders, companies and institutions in a festive atmosphere.
The Alpaca Fiesta 2024 will be an opportunity for the local and foreign public to enjoy five days full of activities that cover the entire alpaca value chain. From factory visits and trade exhibitions to young creator competitions, this event will become an enriching and exciting experience for all attendees.

The Alpaca Fiesta activities will be divided into five components:

  • Livestock Component: It will include events such as the Chaccu de vicuñas, the National Alpaca Competition and an exhibition of South American Camelids.
  • Commercial Component: It will have an International Business Roundtable, where foreign buyers and Peruvian exhibitors will have the opportunity to establish business relationships and explore new business opportunities.
  • Fashion Components: Fashion shows will be presented in emblematic locations in the historic center of Arequipa and/or in Cerro Juli.
    Academic Component: Alpaca Connect, an Innovation and Sustainability Forum, will be held.
  • Cultural Component: It will include mystical activities and ceremonies to revalue Andean ancestral techniques and culture.

This important event is organized by the International Alpaca Association (AIA), PROMPERÚ and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, with the firm purpose of promoting, improving and consolidating the value chain of alpaca production in all its stages. Peru, as the largest alpaca producer in the world, is proud to host this event that celebrates alpaca excellence and promotes the sustainable development of this important industry.

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