AMBIENTE – Frankfurt Fair

Iconic AMBIENTE Fair happened this 2024 in January, earlier than usual.  For the organisers it took some time to recover the traffic of years previous to Covid times, as 2023 was a very slow Fair with poor results.

Ambiente 2024 put together 3 fairs in one: Ambiente itself, by far with the bigger number of exhibitors, Christmas world and Creative world. The merging was a way to cope with the absence of Chinese exhibitors who are usually an important presence, concentrate efforts, reduce costs, and manage buyers’ interests.

This year we saw much more traffic, bigger number of companies from Europe, North America and Asia with a renovated enthusiasm to see products and meet exhibitors.  Allpa had a bigger booth and we shared the same enthusiasm in despite of political unrest and economic slowdown with inflation, recession, higher costs and even higher prices for Ambiente exhibitors.

For Allpa this Show is still the most important of the year, in a way that we consider it our temporary office in Europe:  here we meet our loyal customers, we find new ones, we launch our new collections, we meet also friends and we get useful information about trends, styles and market opportunities. Hopefully Ambiente will get better results in the years to come.

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