We are proud of our peruvian heritage, our culture, our identity

The artisans

The diverse pre-Hispanic cultures that have existed in Peru for thousands of years have left a deep mark on our identity as a country. The Peruvian artisans’ skills in ceramics, textiles, wood, metals, have been passed down for generations and are the result of this cultural mark. These skills remain until today and are mixed with contemporary trends and designs to make beautiful objects by hand.

In Allpa we admire these objects every day and we work together with our producers on new ideas that can successfully reach the market creating more jobs for many families.


Our handwoven textiles


Social impact

Crafts production is a way of creating jobs with relatively low investment. This encourages us to keep looking after market opportunities with new products every day. Not an easy job in this global and increasingly demanding world of today.

But the challenge is there and we feel we do our job when orders come in a permanent way and assure better incomes for all parts involved. We get inspiration from the traditional techniques and we use them to create contemporary textiles, pots, decorative objects and garments. Women and men depend on this production to make their living for them and their families.

Allpa artisans