Can I wear alpaca in the summer?

Many people believe that alpaca clothing is exclusively designed for cold temperatures and winter wear. While it’s true that alpaca fiber’s properties truly shine in chilly weather, its versatility is not limited to just those environments. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that alpaca is a fiber that can be worn comfortably even in the heat of summer.

So, how is it possible for alpaca to be suitable for summer wear? Let’s get into a few reasons why alpaca is an excellent choice for the warmer months:

Isolating Properties

Alpaca fiber possesses a unique structure that enables it to trap air. This unique characteristic allows it to maintain a constant temperature, the same as the human body temperature. This means that wearing alpaca clothing can help regulate your body’s temperature and keep you feeling comfortable during extreme heat.


Alpaca fiber’s ability to trap air not only helps with temperature regulation but also lends it excellent breathability. When the air inside the garment becomes too hot, the trapped air is released through the fibers, creating a constant flow of ventilation. This natural breathability sets alpaca apart from synthetic fibers.

Sun Protection

Alpaca fiber has adapted to the high levels of solar radiation found in the Andes Mountains, where these magnificent animals originate. As a result, alpaca fiber naturally provides a certain level of UV protection. By wearing alpaca clothing, you can enjoy some added shielding from harmful UV rays during those sunny summer days.

Odor Resistance

Alpaca products have a remarkable inherent advantage – they are naturally anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. This is particularly beneficial when you’re spending time in the summer sun, engaging in outdoor activities that often lead to sweat. Alpaca fiber naturally wicks away sweat without absorption, helping to keep you dry and odor-free. So, no matter how active you are, your alpaca garments will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable.

To fully enjoy these benefits during the hot summer season, it’s important to select alpaca garments that have a looser knit or weave. This ensures proper airflow and prevents the fabric from feeling too dense or heavy on hot summer days.

In summary, alpaca clothing is not limited to winter wear. Its versatility and breathability make it a perfect choice for year-round comfort. Discover the joy of wearing alpaca clothing and experience the luxurious comfort and natural benefits it offers. Enjoy the summer season to the fullest with alpaca!

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