Features of the genuine alpaca fiber

genuine alpaca fiber

If you are thinking in trading with Peruvian alpaca products, Allpa is your best bet. We will explain you here which are genuine alpaca features.

Garments made in alpaca are manufactured with one of the finest and most luxurious fibers in the world.

It is not flammable at high temperatures

Alpaca is not flammable at high temperatures, plus it resists high temperatures. So you would not risk flammability when stored in your warehouse in case of extreme heats.

Thermical properties

Genuine alpaca fiber has thermical properties as it retains heat at very low temperatures as those found in the high Andes. Alpaca garments can be used at a big array of weathers as in high temperatures it can also release the heat.

Elastic and resistant

Alpaca fiber is elastic and resistant, which means it can hold up with big tensions.  All this gives great versatility to this fiber

Low moisture absortion

Genuine alpaca fiber is known by its low higroscopix index,meaning that it does not absorb moisture. This is a big benefit as it does attract molds and fungus.

Genuine alpaca fiber is hipoallergenic

As alpaca does not contain lanolin, it does not create allergic reactions. Finer the alpaca yarn used for garments, softer the feeling it gives to the user. This means this fiber is very appropriate for people who are allergic to wool.

Color variations

Alpaca is the fiber that offers the biggest natural color variations, more than 22 in blacks, greys, browns, beiges and white. To this the local mills add their dyed colors with large color cards that are renovated every year.

About Allpa

Our textiles are manufactured using mostly 100% alpaca superfine and baby alpaca, according to our customer´s needs.  We also use blends of alpaca with silk, cotton, merino and linen, provided by local mills who process this fiber with the highest international standards and certifications.

The thicker and coarser fiber is used for rugs.

How to distribute our products

You can become our distributor or agent. Please write us toallpa@allpa.com.pe . We serve worldwide.

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