Peru alpaca knitted accessories garments

Juan Vargas


Juan was born in Arequipa, and he started knitting at home in a very basic knitting machine, doing very simple accessories.

“I started working with Allpa by my sister since 2007. Before I used to make samples and production for various clients, now I only work for Allpa.

In a summer season when there was no production, I decided going to work in the mine and I thought about leaving the weaving behind. But then Allpa called me, I put the mine aside and went back to Lima. Since then, I have faith in Allpa, and I know that work always comes.

The important changes that I have achieved in these years are: better communication and costing of my products. This makes me very comfortable working with Allpa. I have been able to implement better machines and make better products. The good relationship and the treatment I receive in Allpa make me like working with them. We are growing together, me as a supplier and Allpa as my client.”

He was introduced to Allpa thanks to his sister and first there were small orders for him. After a while he became a very important supplier for bigger export orders. Thanks to his deep responsibility and commitment, he has received Allpa’s support to build a new facility with several floors where he organizes his production and hosts his knitters under good working conditions. Juan’s main motivation is his teenager sons.


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