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Luis Romero


Luis Romero was twenty-one when he started working at a jewelry shop to pay for his studies. He worked there for one year, during which he learned much from his master; then he set up his own workshop. Jewelry was just a hobby at first but became a passion; he dropped out to focus entirely on his business. He gradually invested, enlarged the workshop, and employed ten people.

Luis knew about Allpa on the recommendation of Danilo Cardenas, a craftsman who works with stones. Thanks to Allpa, he was encouraged to develop finer finishes and work with Allpa’s modern designs. To create his designs, Luis works as a team: he makes sketches and each of his craftsmen interprets the idea to make new designs. He identifies the skills of each of his workers and this allows him to be more productive.

What Luis likes the most is to make new jewelry and develop new tools to produce his models better. With the business growth, he also has to run his business efficiently, so he divides his time between office and workshop.

Luis’s traits are his formality, punctuality, product quality and flexibility while developing new ideas. To Luis, the welfare of his workers is essential. He offers them a good salary and flexibility in their schedules. Therefore, he has trained loyal workers who have been with him for over fifteen years ago now. For the future, Luis plans to have a larger workshop with more machines that make production easier, so that he can improve his workers’ conditions.


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