alpaca knitted accessories

Luz Alarcon


I was born in Junín and with my parents we dedicated ourselves to agriculture. Then, we came to Lima because there are more job opportunities here.

I have always liked the textile world, but when I was very young I was given the opportunity to work in a sweaters exporting company and learn a lot from them. Through this we saw that it was good to start our own workshop without neglecting my daughters. My family and I have always been a great team and very united.

We were able to grow through loans both from my parents who sold their land to help us finance the industrial machinery and also through loans from the bank. It also helped us, the perseverance to always keep payments up to date and the permanent desire to continue growing.

As girls, I taught my daughters to make clothes for their barbie dolls and as young ladies they helped in some processes in the workshop, that is how they learned over many years until now.

In the not too distant future we want to acquire more weaving machines and improve our premises.


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