Peru silver jewelry gemstones casting

Raquel Reyes


“I have learned everything I know from my father. He has developed our own equipment and he has always taught us to move forward”.

In the early 80s, my father Tomas decides to start his own workshop calling it “Arte de los Reyes” that means Arts of the Kings. He gradually started with the implementation of the workshop as production started to grow, improving processes, and adapting used machinery. With time, my father taught us to love the jewelry and we started to work together with him.

Is in 2007 that my father decided to retire, and I took the responsibility of the workshop. I have been involved in various courses and trainings to improve our processes and our products.

To this date, we continue learning and making changes to have a better infrastructure of the workshop to continue providing the best of our work, with the help of the excellent quality of our Peruvian silver, and of course, working hand in hand with our clients, open to suggestions and changes that will allow us to continue improving every day, and adapting to the demands of the market.


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