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Rogelio Quispe


Rogelio was born in the city of Arapa, Azángaro, Puno and inherited the passion for weaving from his Father, who was a craftsman and obtained his main motivation from Inca weavings.

In 2005 I began to make my first samples and I did everything in the Intarsia technique in my own workshop, which I started by buying a handmade machine with my first savings and then, little by little I was increasing my capacity by buying more and more machines. At the moment I have artisan machines, but later I plan to buy electronic machines.

Currently, I have a wife and 4 children. My children are younger, but despite that, one of them sees how I develop the designs and he also sits next to me and starts drawing as I do, so he will most likely like the design and the tissue in the future.
Today, I still manufacture alpaca garments in the Intarsia technique: sweaters, hats, shawls, gloves, etc. We are continuously working to be more rigorous with our quality in each of our products.

I do not have much space, we lack some processes that the client requires and we need more staff as well, but we always comply with the orders and requirements that we have since we have trained personnel. In the future, we will developing a project in Pachacamac on our own land. Personally, I would like to receive training in the export of alpaca garments.


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