How to take care of your alpaca garments and accesories

take care alpaca

Alpaca is considered a luxury fiber because of its unique properties of softness, shine, lightweight and warmth. But we know little about how to take care of it and make it last. Though it is meant to last long, many people ruin their sweaters  because of not knowing how to keep them. And it is so easy! Due to its antibacterial, antimicrobe and odor free characteristics,  alpaca fiber does not need to be washed frequently.

How to wash it?

The first rule of care is not to submit the garment to strong mouvements and heat as this would damage the soft fiber. Don´t squeeze  it,  do not bleach , do not centrifugate it. Just inmerse  the garment in a recipient with tepid wáter and a soft detergent,  better if it is a shampooing as alpaca is a hair. Rinse the wáter and  press the garment softly to eliminate excess wáter and let it flat to dry. Never hang it as it will extend and loose its shape.

You can put the garment on a towel and roll it to eliminate excess wáter too.

It is also recommended to dry clean the garment.

With these care instructions, your garment will last many years.

About Allpa

Our textiles are mainly manufactured with baby alpaca and superfine alpaca, according to our customer´s requirements. The thicker and coarser fleece can only be used in rugs.  We source all our alpaca yarns in the main local mills located in Arequipa, which provide us with the certifications required by the market. These mills also produce under strict standards and offer blends of alpaca with merino wool, cotton, silk, linen.

With these yarns we manufacture home textiles: blankets, duvets, throws, pillows, curtains and upholstery.

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