Our designers work permanently creating new products that can be useful, beautiful, and adapted to our customers’ demands.
This creativity needs to be combined with adequate technology, as the skilled hands of men and women who make each product need to be efficient and competitive with other artisans in the World.
Our Home Decor collections are made using local and sustainable materials, such as alpaca fiber, wood, mdf, copper and clay.
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Alpaca Textiles

Throws, blankets, pillows, curtains, are hand woven in traditional looms, made by weavers living in the Andean regions of Peru. All of them are woven using the fine alpaca fiber, obtained from an animal who has lived in Peru since pre-Columbian times and who is friendly with the environment.

Wall Art

Colonial Spanish hand carved mirrors are the inspiration for these modern pieces, which are made from mdf frames and then painted and gilded to give them a special finishing. Our collections contain mirrors, trays and boxes.


Our pottery comes from Chulucanas, a village located in the North of Peru, where local potters have inherited the pre-Columbian art of creating patterns with the negative-positive technique and firing pots with mango leaves.



Alpaca, one of the finest natural fibers in the World, is used to create modern collections of shawls, cardigans, sweaters, and accessories for our clients.
They are all hand knit in small workshops produced under fair conditions. Allpa Origins is the brand we recently launched for a new collection of garments and accessories made in this fiber.
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The jewelry is made with 925 sterling silver to create unique jewels combined with stones, shells, pearls among other rich materials.

Copper Jewelry

Peru is one of the main copper producers in the World, and this rich material is used by our artisans to make this fashion jewelry.