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As members of the World Fair Trade Organization, Allpa believes and complies with the 10 Fair Trade principles and is devoted to promote justice with the artisans and collaborators we work with, as a way to contribute for a better world.


Nelly Canepa and Maria del Carmen de la Fuente, both sociologists from Lima, we started this business because we loved our pottery, our textiles and all crafts coming from different regions in Peru where we travelled.

After so many years we still keep the same passion for our work, which involves not only designing beautiful objects, but also building capacities with our team and our artisans.

Allpa founders

The team

A very well-trained group of collaborators make sure our customers get full satisfaction in our deliveries of the products they buy from Allpa. Designers, photographers, quality controllers, logistics specialists, technicians, administrators and accountants are among the professionals who walk with our clients and producers to design and develop products, support production, follow up orders and ship the goods all over the world.

Innovation in design, technology and management is a strong part of our philosophy!  All this is achieved thanks to our Quality Committee management team.

Our work

We collaborate with artisans who have great skill and are able to produce unique and beautiful crafts. With them we establish a sort of association which allows us to participate in their workshops, designing and developing new exclusive and high-quality products, innovating in equipment, tools and production process. All of this with the idea of bringing the workshop to a new level of growth with capacity to go to the global market in a successful way.

We share the stories of our artisans with our clients as we want them to value the experience of buying products made in Peru.

Creating new products is a tremendous challenge, when you think about the unstoppable flow of merchandises of all kinds that constantly go to the market. It is a puzzle to think about what novelty we can bring to this market, surprising our clients, convincing our artisans, doing the match with quality and price in order to have successful sales.

All this work involves a permanent seek for innovation and a big support of our artisans in management themes.


For us this means several things:

  • make sure we leave a healthy planet for future generations
  • use renewable materials, resources, and energy
  • create job and income opportunities for the younger generations through permanent orders
  • work towards a process of social and economic development
  • strengthening of our producers and collaborators to make sure we all grow our capacities

Certifications & Awards

Along its business life, Allpa has received many awards and recognitions for being a leading export company, for promoting Peruvian crafts, and for its good entrepreneurial practices.

We have also received several certifications related with fair trade, social responsibility, ethical practices and health and security practices in artisans’ workshops.