Our Alpaca Trail Trip

[ 5th jul 2022 ]

During the days we spent doing the Alpaca Trail it was fantastic to re-encounter beautiful villages in the southern highlands of Puno and Cusco.

Alpacas live in the higher altitudes of the Andes over 4000 meters, which means an incredible adventure to travel from one farm to the next, crossing old colonial cities, such as PUCARA, where the famous torito comes from, or Azangaro, Ñuñoa and Lampa with its impressive stone church. All these cities keep their ancient look together with modernity.

Here we can see great colonial churches and mansions which have seen better times, but who still keep the calm lives of the province. It is worth to see them.

Two other highlights we had in our trip were the visits to Pacomarca and Mallkini farms, 2 experimental farms owned by Inca group and Michell, the 2 main mills producing alpaca yarns.

Both experimental farms have been developing important discoveries on genetic alpaca improvements, such as recovering the BLACK ALPACA or embryos implant of improved genes.

Pucará Lampa Puno

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