Alpaca Cardigan TPPE01996

Alpaca Cardigan TPPE01996

Allpa Origins Collection

Sizes: L

Product detail

This Cardigan is made of 100% Peruvian Alpaca.

This cardigan was knitted by Rogelio Quispe

See his bio in: Rogelio Quispe

Care recommendations

Gently wash in warm water with a mild soap (mild shampoo will do) and thoroughly rinse in water of the same temperature. Special care must be taken as wet Alpaca fabric can weaken and stretch out of shape. Never wring or twist. Gently press excess water from garment.

While supporting the weight of the wet garment lay it on a dry towel. Ease the garment back into shape and roll up in the towel. Press to remove excess water and repeat this step with a second towel.

On a flat surface lay the sweater on a fresh, dry towel, until thoroughly air dried.

Once your Alpaca garment is dry you will want to fold it carefully, avoiding a center crease. Never hang an Alpaca sweater as it will stretch the garment out of shape. Lay flat in a drawer or on a closet shelf.