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peru best place to buy alpaca garments

If you are willing to become a distributor of high quality clothing made in alpaca, you need to find a  reliable supplier who can also assure you these products from the production source, with a good logistics, quality control and documentation procedures.

Peru is leader in the alpaca fiber production and is the country with the highest  clothing exports in the world made with this fine fiber.

United States, Germany and Japan are the main buying countries of alpaca clothing and all of them source from Peruvian manufacturing companies.

About alpaca clothing

Alpaca fiber comes in 22 natural colors, from which white color is mostly dyed by the main Peruvian mills located in Arequipa. Fibers are classified by thickness measured in microns. The softness goes along with fineness of the fiber: thinner it is , softer it feels. This is why with the first shearing of the animal when it is 2 years old, the baby alpaca has the highest value.

Price of alpaca is fixed internationally and its price starts around  US$38 /kg,  more expensive than merino wool, but much lower than vicugna. This last one is the most expensive and finest fiber in the world,  finer than cashmere.

The reason why vicugna is more expensive is because it is the finest fiber in the world, but also because the yield of an animal is very small, barely 200 grs per animal when sheared.

All these are the reasons why you should do business with Peru.

About Allpa

We are Allpa SAC, manufacturers of alpaca knitted clothing. Our garments are hand knit using mainly baby and Superfine alpaca, according to our customers requests. All our alpaca yarns are sourced from the main Peruvian mills who spin it with the highest technology and have all international certifications required by the industry.

We manufacture sweaters, pulls, dresses, cardigans, vest, shawls, scarves and other accessories.

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