What differences can we find between alpaca and baby alpaca throws?

If you are interested in alpaca home textiles , garments and apparel, you may have heard the expression baby alpaca. At this point you may be asking yourself about the meaning of this term and the differences with regular alpaca and why one has higher value  and price than the other.

Baby alpaca refers to the micronnage of the fiber,  going this quality from 21.5 to 23 microns.  We need to explain that 1 mm equals 1000 microns. This has nothing to do with the age of the animal, as actually  baby alpacas cannot be sheared until the age of 2 years.  The expression refers more to the fineness of the fiber, as it gets thicker and coarser as the animal gains age.

Among all the categories, the most valuable alpaca fiber is the Royal alpaca,  followed by the baby alpaca. Regular alpaca (Superfine) is the most used mainly because of its price,  and is a very soft quality too,  but Royal is much softer and finer. Recent genetical improvements have shown an even finer fiber  called Imperial alpaca, still produced in very small quantities.

Any fiber below 21 microns is considered Royal alpaca. The fineness of the fiber has to do also with the age of the animal: older the animal , thicker the fiber.

After 2 years, alpacas  show  thicker fibers every year and therefore the quality diminishes. But it is possible to find thin fibers in an adult alpaca too, this depending on the genetic selection , the climate conditions and the animal welfare practices in the farms.

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