What do alpacas eat?

Have you ever wonder what do alpacas eat? Here we tell you more about it.

The South American camelids are species adapted to survive at high altitudes where periods of drought are constant and last about four months of the year. These conditions have the influence of causing their digestive systems to adapt to conditions of plant shortage, typical of mountain ecosystems.

The feeding of the alpaca is characterized by being adaptable according to the availability of pastureland. During periods of drought, they can survive the protein shortage in their food and opt for short grasses. On the other hand, during the rainy season, their bodies get prepared to absorb the highest quantity of protein from their food and opt to eat high grasses.

Alpaca feeding is also characterized by being in conjunction with the environment. The smallness of their feet, which have pads, allows the pasturlands not to be deteriorated by their trampling. Furthermore, when alpacas eat, they don’t pull or tear the herbage, but they make cuts. This allows the herbs to be better preserved.

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