What to expect for 2021

[ 8th february 2021 ]

We are finishing what has been for sure the most challenging and difficult year in many decades for the whole world, due to the pandemic created by COVID-19. The number of deaths, infected persons and job losses, the impact in the global economy has been something never seen before.

In Allpa we have been forced to adapt ourselves to this impact, trying to keep our jobs ad orders for our producers as much as possible, developing sanitary protocols to prevent infections in our personnel and among our artisans.

The challenge is still on and we need to keep on moving, developing new products, finding new ways to maintain our presence in the market and hoping 2021 will be better. One important thing is the feeling that these hard times have strengthened our relationship with our personnel and with our artisans. We all believe we are together in the same fight.

Our best wishes for this year 2021!

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